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HSU Alert: Our new emergency text notification system

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Starting March 3rd, 2014, HSU Alert is our new primary emergency notification system, using text messages to notify everyone of an on-campus emergency. All staff, students, and faculty should either provide a cellphone number or explicitly opt out of the system as soon as possible. Learn more about HSU Alert.

HSU Alert is the new campus emergency text notification system adopted by the University, effective 3/3/14. Beginning on that date, campus users are being asked to register for the service by entering a cellphone number in PeopleSoft via myHumboldt. Cellphone numbers previously registered in Account Center have been moved into PeopleSoft. 

Campus email addresses for all active employees and students have also been transferred into HSU Alert, although text messaging is now the primary notification distribution system, as it is considerably faster for mass distribution than email. The only exceptions are Extended Education students, who will only be notified if they register their cellphone number; this process will also enroll them in email notifications. 

Adding/Updating Emergency Text Numbers

Follow the steps below to add or update your emergency text notification number in HSU Alert. If you see a pop-up message when you log into myHumboldt, follow these instructions. The process is the same for everyone, but the entry point is different for students and for staff/faculty:

  • Students enter their information by clicking on the Emergency Contact(s) tab on the new Personal Information pagelet on their myHumboldt home page
  • Faculty and staff should use the Emergency Contact(s) tab on the My Profile pagelet on the myHumboldt Faculty/Staff tab

The Emergency Contact(s) tab displays your emergency contact information (who to contact if there is an emergency about you) and below that, the Emergency Text Message Number (the number to contact you at regarding a campus emergency). If no emergency text message number is listed for you, you'll see a warning message to this effect. 

Student View:

Student Personal Info Pagelet

Staff & Faculty View:

Staff & Faculty My Profile Pagelet

To add a number:  

  1. Click Add Emergency Text Message Number. This will take you into PeopleSoft.
  2. Once in PeopleSoft, click Add a Phone Number 
  3. Select Emergency Text Message Number from the Phone Type picklist
  4. Enter your cellphone number; do not use country codes or extensions
  5. Click Save.  

You'll be returned to the PeopleSoft phone number entry page, where you can either make other changes or close the window. 

Starting March 10th 2014, one of two HSU Alert popup messages will appear when you log into my Humboldt. If you have not yet entered a number, you'll see this message:

Missing number pop-up screen

If you have already entered a number, you'll see this screen (with your number shown in the first line):

Confirm emergency text notification number pop-up screen

You must select one of the available options in order to proceed to myHumboldt; if you simply close the pop-up, it will reappear each time you log into myHumboldt until you do select an option. When you select an option, you'll be taken directly to the PeopleSoft screen where you can enter or update your information.

After this initial registration cycle, the popup will appear once a semester to ensure that your information in the HSU Alert system is up to date. You can change your emergency text notification cellphone number at any time through the myHumboldt pagelet.


Check out the FAQs on the HSU Alert service page or contact the Technology Help Desk at (707) 826-4357