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Humboldt State University is committed to ensuring that all users of the interdisciplinary computing lab facilities have a positive and productive lab experience. Please do your part by not disrupting others or modifying workstations, and help us keep the labs free of spills and messes. Any problems should be reported to lab management using the online form.

For an efficient, pleasant and productive lab experience, users of these facilities expect to have:

  • an environment free of disruptive activity
  • workstations that are in good working order and not modified by previous use
  • surroundings and workstations free from problems caused by food, beverages, and other damaging substances.

A number of policies govern the use of computers at Humboldt State University. While some have been introduced locally to help maintain a pleasant working environment for all users, others reflect the requirements of federal, state, and/or local laws. The Lab Use Conditions web page summarizes these policies; links to other relevant policies can be found on the ITS Policy web page. By familiarizing yourself with and following these policies, you can help keep the HSU interdisciplinary computing facilities in good working order and available for use by everyone who needs them.

Reporting Lab Problems

If you experience problems with the equipment, software, or facilities (temperature, furniture, etc.) in any of the labs managed by ITS, please use the online form to report the issue. The lab management staff rely on users to report problems in a timely manner, so the issue may be fixed as soon as possible; your cooperation in keeping the computer facilities in good working order is greatly appreciated.