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Information Technology Services at Humboldt State University maintains eleven computer labs on campus. Get the full list.

Lab News

  • There are new 2.7GHz Macintosh computers in GH215 and FH202, running Mac OS 10.8 (no Windows OS).
  • A real-time list of available computers in Information Technology Services labs is available at
  • Pay-for-Print has been deployed in Information Technology Services lab facilities, helping to address the issues of waste and fairness. Read more about Pay-for-Print.
  • LCD displays have been installed in Library 122 and Science A 364, replacing the CRT displays and improving energy efficiency.

Reporting Lab Problems

Having a problem with the equipment, software, or facilities (temperature, furniture, etc.) in an ITS managed computer lab? Use the online problem report to inform lab management about the issue. Lab management staff rely on users to report problems in a timely manner, so the issue may be fixed as soon as possible. Please help keep the computer facilities in good working order.

Use of Information Technology Services Facilities

For an efficient, pleasant, and productive lab experience, users of HSU computer lab facilities expect to have:

  • an environment free of disruptive activity.
  • workstations that are operating properly and not modified by previous users.
  • surroundings and workstations free from problems caused by food, beverages, and other damaging substances.

There are many policies that cover computing use at Humboldt State University. Some are introduced locally to help maintain a decent working environment for all users, others reflect federal, state, and/or local laws. The Interdisciplinary Computing Facilities Conditions of Use statement summarizes these policies. Other policies regarding HSU computing can be found on the ITS Policy web page. Familiarity with and following these policies helps keep the HSU computing facilities in good working order and available for use by HSU students and staff.

Emergency Text Notification System

All current students, staff, and faculty should ensure that they have provided a cellphone number where they can receive text notification of campus emergencies (or opt out of the system). Students should enter their emergency contact number via the Personal Info pagelet on their myHumboldt home page; faculty and staff should enter their emergency contact number via the Contacts tab in the My Profile pagelet on the Faculy/Staff tab in myHumboldt.