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VoiceMail :: Different Mailbox Types

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The OneBox voicemail system supports a number of different mailbox types, described below. If you have questions about the applicability of any mailbox type to your department, or how to work with a particular mailbox type, please contact TNS at (707) 826-5000,

Mailbox type Description
Standard Enables an individual subscriber to receive, retrieve, and manage voicemail messages.

Distribution List

Enables a message from a Sponsor of a specified mailbox to be distributed simultaneously to a group of mailboxes. Knowledge of processor number is required (07XX) to use this mailbox type.
Listen-only Used for announcements and other outbound greetings that do not require a response. This mailbox type does not accept messages.
Attendant Destination Similar to a standard mailbox, but the greeting must specify the action to be performed when the caller presses 0, for example "If you would like to speak to ________, press 0 or wait for the tone to leave a message."
Shared Extension For areas where multiple individuals share a single telephone. Supports most standard mailbox functionality but does not permit messages to be sent between those individuals sharing the extension number.
Extension-Specific Processor (ESP) A more sophisticated mailbox configuration which uses a call processor. Typically, an ESP mailbox presents callers with a menu of options and initiates an action based on the caller's input.
Announcement Plays a pre-recorded informational announcement. This mailbox type can be used interactively for survey purposes.

Other terminology you may find useful:

Automated Message Forwarding enables individuals to automatically forward copies of messages to another subscriber using any combination of the following criteria:

  • Notify Status - Urgent or All
  • Notify Specific ID - select specific target mailbox
  • Message Type - voice, fax, email, or all
  • Time and Day