Clickers :: Integrating Clicker Use

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Classroom response systems (clickers) have been shown to dramatically increase class interactivity and improve student engagement. As an additional benefit, the system enables both students and instructors to get real-time feedback on class effectiveness. Visit HSU's clicker support pages for an overview, software downloads and other resources.

The Turning Point system used at HSU comprises a receiver and handheld input devices. Receivers are installed in a number of HSU's smart classrooms and are also available for checkout from Technology Equipment Checkout; the software is installed on all Smart Classroom systems. Clickers are distributed through the HSU Bookstore; faculty should order the appropriate number of clickers for their class at the same time as they order textbooks - a semester ahead of when they will be needed. Turning Point clickers are fully ADA-compliant.

If you wish to install the Turning Technologies software on your computer, it is available in  the Faculty Download Center. 

The TurningPoint system may be integrated directly into Moodle for fully interactive instruction.

Enabling Clicker Usage in Moodle

Once the Turning Point software has been set up on your classroom computer and you've created your content, you can activate Turning Point with your Moodle sessions. To do this:

  1. Log in to Moodle as you would normally
  2. Go to the class in which you’ll be using clickers
  3. Turn on Editing
  4. In the topmost section near the News Forum, click Add an activity.
  5. In the pop-up window that appears, select External tool and click the Add button
  6. Name the activity Turning Account Registration
  7. On the External tool type drown-down menu, select Turning Tech,

Help Using Clickers with Moodle

Guides for Faculty are available for:

You can also access a Moodle course on Clicker Support.

Enabling Clicker Use in Canvas

To use clickers with Canvas, you need to add a Module for students to register with TurningPoint, The registration works across multiple classes, so you only need to take the following steps once:

  1. With your course selected in Canvas, click on Modules
  2. Click + Module
  3. Enter Turning Account Registration as the Module Name
  4. Click Add Module
  5. Click the + sign next to the new module
  6. Select External Tool next to Add
  7. Select Turning Account Registration from the drop-down menu
  8. Check Load in a new tab
  9. Set Indentation to Don't Indent

Basic Clicker support for faculty and students is available in Lib 315 every day, and appointments are available with the Clicker team by calling extension 3633. There is also an extensive section on clickers in the Faculty User Guide (you may be asked to enroll in order to access the guide). Additional information and extended support are available on the Turning Technologies website.