myHumboldt Evolution 3 is here!

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The third evolution of myHumboldt brings one-stop access to everything you need to be successful at HSU. Staff, faculty, and students now have customized tabs that display information relevant to their roles at the University. Read more about myHumboldt evolution 3!


The third evolution of myHumboldt is here! With it comes the first dedicated staff and faculty content, with pagelets representing different departments and divisions on campus that will deliver fresh news to desktops (and tablets, and smartphones) on a regular basis. There's also instant access to forms and other frequently used administrative tasks.

Students will benefit from new and improved functionality, too. There's a new QuickLink for secure personalized health messages, and there are also enhancements to academic success indicators, additional financial aid summaries, and a new dedicated tab to quickly connect students with the support and services they need.

Everyone will be able to easily customize their myHumboldt view to display the pagelets that matter to them (just click the Customize myHumboldt link at the top right of the screen to find out how). All users will also have a calendar synchronized with Google right on their Home tab - no more excuses for missing meetings or classes!