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myHumboldt Gets Personal!

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Get a more personalized experience with the second evolution of HSU's myHumboldt! Students will find critical information like financial, admission, and registration notifications plus individual finance and class details front and center. And everyone will benefit from more relevant page contents  as well as access to automatically updated events calendar listings and more user-friendly Zip Car info. Read on ...

The second evolution of HSU's myHumboldt brings students even more personalized information and additional direct access to housing applications. Other users will also find improvements to usability and convenience of accessing information.

Students will benefit from:

  • Immediate notification of critical admission, registration, and financial issues that need to be addressed with My Checklist (formerly To-Do List)
  • Detailed information on enrolled courses, grades, and class and exam schedules in My Classes
  • My Account summary of account balance, due dates, and anticipated aid
  • Financial Aid advisories, including outstanding requirements
  • Using single sign-on to connect directly to housing applications through Star Rez and My Housing

All users will benefit from:

  • Automatic updates to the campus events calendar, with direct links to individual events
  • More user-friendly Zip Car pagelet
  • Less duplication of information between tabs - for example, My Announcements only appears on the home tab
  • Better categorization of some topics - for example, Account Cards is now on the Services tab

Existing users will notice that some pagelets have been moved around; rest assured that, if you made changes to the pagelet layout before this new evolution, those pagelets will still be where you placed them.

Next up: Evolution 3! Scheduled for release in the summer of 2013, the next evolution of myHumboldt will shift the focus more towards staff and faculty with a variety of communication features, access to more single sign-on applications, and streamlined access to campus resources.