Welcome to the HSU Data Warehouse

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A data warehouse is an online information store made up of data marts, which are business area-specific subsets of the warehouse itself. Each of these data marts can be "mined" to extract data in the form of reports that enable staff and faculty to more effectively set priorities and understand the potential impact changes in priorities may have on individuals, groups, and the campus as a whole. myReports is the tool used at HSU to extract data from the data marts.

Current Data Mart Status

The graphic below shows the current availability of data marts. To learn more about each area, access training materials, and review available reports, please click the appropriate link in the graphic below or in the QuickLinks to the right. New data marts and reports will be announced to the campus as they become available.

OBI Reporting R25 (Room scheduling) PeopleSoft Asset Mgmt/SCCM Hobsons Project Data Nolij KBOX MMS+ (facilities mgmt) Finance Student Resources Human Resources DARS


Blue circle A full range of reports is available now and accessible through myReports

Circle with dk blue gradient A limited number of reports is available now and accessible through myReports; more are being added

olive dot Reports are in the final stages of testing

Light blue circle Reports are planned for future availability

Additional Resources

Within each data mart section on this site, you'll find links to additional resources such as data dictionaries and training materials relevant to that section. The Resources & FAQs QuickLink to the right will take you to more general data warehouse resources as well as frequently asked questions.

If you're unable to find an answer to your question, or you need a new report to be added to a particular data mart, please submit a support request to the Technology Help Desk. Your request will be routed to the most appropriate individual.