DARS Data :: Dashboards & Reports

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The following dashboards and reports are currently available from the DARS Data Mart.

DARS Advanced

  • DARS Golden Four (G4): This report provides at-a-glance summary information by student related to G4 requirement status.
  • DARS Graduation Reports: Two dashboard pages provide graduation information for students related to program status and application for graduation.


  • DARS Course Demand: This dashboard has four reports which cover demand for all courses, for all GE courses, by Major, and by Major GE
  • DARS Misc. Reports: This dashboard contains the DARS Overall or Cumulative GPA below 2.0 report, and the report for applicants for graduation with uncompleted program.
  • DARS Overview: Classic DARS overview reports by Degree Program, by Student ID and by Advisor
  • DARS Requirements Needed: DARS Requirement Report by Degree Program, by Student ID and by Advisor