Finance Data

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Daily financial transactions are available in this Data Mart, in detail and summary formats. Information includes budgeted amounts, encumbered amounts, and actual income/expenditures. Activities Include:

  • Income Related: Invoicing and accounts receivable activity
  • Expense Related: Purchase order and accounts payable activity
  • Payroll Data: Salaries, wages and benefits data is pulled in from the HCM Data Mart 
  • Accounting: All closing entries, adjusting journal entries and any other entries/adjustments are recorded and available.


If you currently have access to OBI, go ahead and log in here.

If you do not yet have access to the reports you need, you'll need to complete an Access Request Form and have your manager forward it to

Once access has been authorized and you've completed the required online training, you can log into OBI with your HSU User Name and Password.