Finance Data :: Dashboards & Reports

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The following dashboards and reports are currently available from the Finance Data Mart.

Finance Dashboards

  • General Fund: This dashboard has five different areas showing expense, income, budget, and encumbrance information in summary and detail form, which can be filtered in a variety of ways. The five areas are:
    • General Fund Expenditures
    • General Fund Revenue, Expense and Transfers
    • General Fund Open Encumbrances
    • General Fund Journal
    • General Fund Transaction Detail
  • User-Selected Funds: While the above dashboard is limited to the CSU Operating Fund (HM500), this version enables users to select their own fund as well as business unit, division, MBU, chartfield, etc. for filtering. The tabs and views on each tab are identical.
  • Financial Reports: There are two tabs on this dashboard, showing data in a trial balance format that can be filtered by business unit, fund, fiscal year, and current month:
    • Trial Balance
    • Trial Balance – MBU

Advancement Dashboards

  • Trial Balance: There are two tabs on this dashboard, both of which are filtered for HMADV. They are similar to the Financial Reports above.
    • Trial Balance by Fund
    • Quarterly Trial Balance
  • Current Market Value: These reports show fund by account for the HMADV business unit. Users can filter by fiscal year and accounting period.
    • CMV Endowments
    • CMV Hydrogen
  • Net Asset Classification: This report is filtered by fiscal year and accounting period, and contains accounting of actuals for net assets in various restriction categories.

Sponsored Programs Dashboards

  • HMSPF Budgetary Status Report: This report is a Fund Accounting for budget and actual for all non-trust Fund types. It can be filtered by Fund, Fiscal Year and Accounting Period.
  • HMSPF Trust Trial Balance: This is a trial balance style report showing accounting information grouped by Fund. It is filtered specifically to look at Funds T7000 through T7999.
  • HMSPF 2009 Budgetary Status Report: This report is identical to the HMSPF Budgetary Status Report except that it is limited to the 2009-2010 fiscal year, when Trusts were reported by Program. Trusts are now accounted by Fund.
  • HMSPF 2009 Program Trusts by Project: This report is identical to the HMSPF Trust Trial Balance Report except that it is limited to the 2009-2010 fiscal year, when Trusts were reported by Program. Trusts are now accounted by Fund.
  • HMSPF Percent of Effort: This is a specialized report prepared for Sponsored Programs to meet Federal Funding reporting requirements. 

University Budget Office Dashboards

  • Monthly Management Reports: A variety of reports here show budget vs actual figures for various departments and funds, including:
    • Operating Fund Revenue & Transfers In
    • Operating Fund Expenditures by Object Group
    • Operating Fund Expenditures by Division
    • Operating Fund Expenditures by MBU
    • Operating Fund MSF and MBA Fees
    • Lottery Summary
    • Lottery by Department
    • Campus Partners
  • KHSU Reports: This dashboard shows accounting specific to KHSU.
  • Quarterly Management Reports: This dashboard contains department-specific reports for Athletics, Children’s Center, Health Services, Parking, etc.
  • Department Reports: These three reports contain budget vs actual accounting by department in various formats.
  • Revenue Reports: These five dashboard reports show revenue figures in customized categories.
  • Resources Dashboard: This dashboard contains the Budget Transfers Report and the A/R Billing Detail Report.
  • University Advancement Dashboard: This dashboard provides Operating Fund Summary and Detail reports by MBU for the Advancement Division.

If you need a new report to be added to a particular data mart, please submit a support request to the Technology Help Desk. Your request will be routed to the most appropriate individual.