HR Data :: Dashboards & Reports

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The following dashboards and reports are currently available from the Human Resources (HRM) Data Mart.

Human Resources

Active Employees: This dashboard contains three reports for Hourly and Salaried employee information, as well as Contact information.

Annual Assessment (PREP): This dashboard contains reports for use in preparing the PREP report as it pertains to funding and staffing information.


Active Faculty Unit Employees: This dashboard contains three reports for Faculty with compensation and FTE, by MBU and Department.

Separation Reports for Academic Employees: These three reports are grouped by ISA, Coaches, and a custom group of jobcodes for Lecturer, FERP, or TA/GA.

TF Contract Data Reports: This report provides Contract data for Departments and Colleges.

Labor Costs

Labor Cost: Salaries, Wages and Benefits information is displayed here and can be viewed by Fund, Department, Position, etc.  This includes a tab that provides the option to include or exclude job codes as a filter.