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These materials document the changes in v11.1.1.7 of OBI.

Functions and Variables

Functions and variables are ways to add additional elements into your OBI Report.  They enable you to manipulate data, perform computations and comparisons, and get system information. This workshop gives you a basic toolset of functions to get started and introduces you to variables in the HSU data warehouse.

Pivot Tables: Slicing and Dicing your Data

A pivot table is a data summarization tool, enabling you to pivot or rotate data, looking at it from different perspectives and seeing a variety of patterns which may not be immediately obvious. You can then can automatically sort, count, total, or average your data.  This workshop covers the basics of creating Pivot Tables in OBI.

Creating Dynamic Reports in OBI using Column Selectors

Column selectors enable you to create a report in which users can select predetermined columns to view and group data in their report. This lab shows you how to create an analysis with this useful feature.

Steps to CrossMart Analyses

This slideshow describes the data marts in the HSU Data Warehouse and how to use them together on a dashboard and in an analysis.

HSU Data Warehouse and Dashboard Best Practices – Bringing it all Together

This slideshow presents the HSU Data Warehouse and an introduction to student data via Oracle’s EPM software. In addition, HSU Dashboard best practice tips are provided.


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