Student Data :: Dashboards & Reports

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The following dashboards and reports are currently available from the Student (CS) Data Marts:

  • HSU Admissions: This dashboard enables you to retrieve Admissions information in a format similar to ODD’s AppStats.
  • Census: This dashboard contains enrollment summary and detail based on census data dating back to 1991.
  • HSU Term Enrollment - Census format: This dashboard Term Enrollment summary counts in views consistent with formats displayed on HSU’s Fast Facts site in these groupings:
    • Academic Career and Age Group
    • Academic Load and Age Group
    • Academic Level and Gender (with Full-Time subtotal)
    • Academic Load and Gender
    • Academic Level and Gender
    • Ethnic Group and Gender
  • HSU Term Enrollment - RegStats: This dashboard contains Term Enrollment detail and summary, to be used in the same way as ODD’s RegStats.
  • Scholarship: This report comes from Student Financial information and is for use in the department of Development and Alumni Relations.

If you need a new report to be added to a particular data mart, please submit a support request to the Technology Help Desk. Your request will be routed to the most appropriate individual.