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How can I get more Network Folder storage space?

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If you can't delete enough old files to free up space for new data, you can request an increase in storage quota in the Account Center. Requests for up to 50 MB over your default quota will be automatically granted and processed immediately; requests for larger amounts of space are evaluated individually. You will be notified by email when a decision is made.

 To request more space

  1. Log into myHumboldt
  2. Select Account Settings
  3. Select the Requests tab
  4.  Select the Request Access tab
  5. Section 1 - Select a user - check the box to Include Self
  6. Section 2 – Select resources and permissions
    1. System: select Folder Quota
    2. Click in box next to amount of quota increase requested
    3. Click Continue
  7. Section 3 – Specify access period
    1. Enter end date or leave default Permanent selection
  8. Section 4 – Click Submit Request
  9. Click Close

To view status of your request, select View Requests tab in Account Settings. In the Status column, status will display as Completed once the quota increase has been approved.