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How can I control what people can do in my groups?

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Click on the Group settings link on your group's page, then click on Access. Here are some guidelines for managing your group settings:

  • Who can view? Usually the most appropriate setting will be Only members can view group content.
  • Directory listing? If you want people to be able to request group membership without an invitation, select List this group.
  • Who can join? Decide whether you want to control who joins.
  • Allow External Members? If you want to include people without a address, check this box.
  • Who can post messages? Select the option that makes the most sense for this group.
  • Who can invite new members? If you want to control membership, it's best to select Managers only
  • Message moderation? Unless this is a small group, moderating can be a lot of work, so No moderation is the most common choice.