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I have a backlog of video materials that need to be close-captioned. Can I just hand them over to you?

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Yes. We have a contract with an outside vendor, Automatic Synch Technologies, to create close-captioned versions of existing video materials. Bear in mind that there is a cost associated with this kind of work because it's not done in-house. Tapes attract an additional fee of $54 each, and transcripts are not accepted with these media. Tapes and DVDs can take as long as three weeks to process, so you should plan accordingly.

Video length (minutes) If you provide a transcript If you don't provide a transcript
30 $18.25 $58.60
60 $36.50 $117.20
90 $54.75 $175.80

 Give us a call at (707) 826-3169 if you have questions about this process.