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Why is single sign-on important?

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One of the major advantages of single sign-on is a reduction in the number of passwords you need to remember. Once you log in to one application that's part of the single sign-on system, you can access any other application supported by single sign-on without signing in again.

Single sign-on contributes to secure and efficient use of network resources thanks to:

  • Reduces phishing success, because you're not automatically entering multiple passwords without thinking
  • Reduces time spent re-entering passwords for the same identity
  • Supports conventional authentication such as Windows credentials (i.e., username/password)
  • Reduces IT costs due to lower number of Technology Help Desk calls about passwords
  • Provides security on all levels of entry/exit/access to systems without the inconvenience of re-prompting users
  • Enables centralized reporting for compliance adherence.