Proposal Process for Large IT Projects

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ITS wants to make sure that everyone knows how to request our help, and that we are consistent and effective in how we respond. Learn more about our Project Prioritization Process.

One of the most frequently-asked questions about the consolidation of IT services across campus is "How do we make sure our needs receive attention?"

We want to make sure that everyone knows how to request our help, and that we are consistent and effective in how we respond. ITS is assigning our overall work load to three categories and designing different strategies for each:

  1. 'large projects' - projects that are expensive and/or involve large blocks of time to accomplish
  2. 'work requests' - improvements to existing products or services (or developing new products or services) requiring limited funds and/or effort to accomplish
  3. 'operational tasks' - day-to-day support for existing equipment, applications and services

For work requests and operational tasks, please consult with your regular IT contact. More information about large projects and the process for requesting them is below.

In order to keep the existing IT-dependent processes of the University running smoothly, ITS must reserve a significant portion of its capacity for 'operational tasks' and 'work requests.' Only about 25% of our overall capacity is currently available for 'large projects'; because our large project time is precious, we've created a process for identifying those that best serve University priorities - a process that is designed to be inclusive, transparent, and objective.  

Large Project Proposal and Prioritization Process

We are seeking your proposals for large IT-related projects. A brief description of the process follows, and more details are on the ITS website at You’re also invited to attend either of two upcoming Question & Answer sessions:

Tuesday, Sept. 27, 3:00 - 4:00pm in NHE 106

Wednesday, September 28, 9:00 - 10:00am in NHE 106

To be considered in the first prioritization cycle, requests for large IT projects must be submitted by October 14 2011

Submission Process:

1. How to Submit a Project Proposal

For a project that will likely require more than 20 hours of ITS time and the efforts of two or more ITS staff to accomplish, submit your request on a Project Request Form to If you would like assistance in thinking through your idea, putting your best foot forward in the proposal, or simply the mechanics of filling out the form, please call anyone in ITS with whom you feel comfortable discussing the project.

2.  What Happens to a Submitted Proposal?

All submitted project proposals will be considered by the new Project Prioritization Steering Committee, which comprises one representative from each campus division and the CIO. The Steering Committee will use a pre-defined matrix (available for your review on the ITS web site at to determine a weighted score for each project. Scoring is based on characteristics such as how well the project serves campus priorities, how much of the campus community will benefit from the project, whether there are federal, state or Chancellor's mandates for the project, etc. The project score, along with whether ITS staff (and/or other required campus staff) has available time to work on the project and whether the necessary funding is on hand, will be used to determine the order in which the Steering Committee prioritizes each proposed project.  The committee will then submit its recommendations to the VPs and President for consideration and final approval. 

3.  Where Can You See the Status of IT Projects?

You can see a list of all the proposed projects waiting to be prioritized, the approved projects waiting to be started, and the status of projects we’re currently working on at Just click on the appropriate tab to see a list of projects in each category; click on any individual project name to see more details of that project.

4. Important Date to Remember

** To be considered in the first prioritization cycle, project requests must be submitted by October 14 2011. **

Depending on what we learn from this first round, the project prioritization cycle will take place 3 to 4 times per year. Project proposals not scheduled in one cycle will be carried forward to the next cycle for re-consideration.

Please remember that this process is for large projects only! Continue to use whatever channels you have been using to communicate with ITS staff for your day-to-day support needs. You are welcome to consult with anyone in ITS on any IT idea you may have, even if it is not (yet) a project request. 

We welcome your ideas and feedback about this process. Please call the ITS Project Office at (707) 826-5080 or email us at

Anna Kircher
Chief Information Officer