Undelivered mail now sends notices

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Up until now, if you sent an an email to an invalid @humboldt.edu address, you would never know if it hadn't been delivered, because GMail had no way to tell you.

Now, we've come up with a way that lets you know something went wrong with the delivery. You'll receive an email from "catchall@humboldt.edu" with the following message:

You have emailed a Humboldt State University mail address that does not exist in Google Apps.
You should double check that the address you emailed is the correct one.
Unfortunately, Google doesn't provide a way for us to tell you which address was incorrect, so you'll need to examine your list of addresses carefully. We recommend that you select your humboldt.edu addresses when Google provides a matching list, rather than manually typing those addresses every time.
We apologize for the inconvenience of not knowing which address was bad, but we felt that letting you know something didn't work with your email was better than your not knowing an email may not have been delivered.