To: Faculty Teaching in ITS Labs & Smart Classrooms, Academic Department Support Staff, Department Chairs
What’s New?
All smart classrooms are now equipped with TurningPoint student response system (clicker) receivers, so there should be no need to install receivers going forward. This applies to all the smart classrooms listed on this web page If you have not pre-ordered clickers through the Bookstore and are planning to use them in a class this semester, you may have problems getting enough devices. Always plan to order clickers at the same time as you order textbooks to avoid a last-minute rush.
Before Your First Class
If you’re scheduled to use computer labs and/or smart classrooms for instruction this semester, please plan in some time BEFORE your first class to (re)familiarize yourself with the software and equipment. Contact Media Services at x3166 as soon as possible to schedule your Technology Training Update session and ensure that your first class runs smoothly. Bring samples of your instructional materials when you come to training, too, so we can make sure we’re covering all the bases.
If you need to check out a particular piece of equipment from Media Services, you should reserve it as soon as possible to ensure it will be available when you need it. If it’s something you’re not too familiar with using, schedule an orientation session as well when you make the reservation.
Software Update
To review the current software and equipment list, check the links below:
Computing Labs:
Smart Classrooms:

Lab Lock Box Combinations for Spring 2012:
BSS 317: 3172
FH 202: 2022
GH 215: 2152
HGH 115: 1152
JH 212: 2122
LIB 121: 1212
Sci-A 364: 3642
SH 118: 1182
SH 119: 1192

Don’t forget!

If you need specific software for smart classroom or lab use, you must re-request it each semester. The deadline for the Fall 2012 semester is May 1. See for more on how to do this.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us at x3166 or