To: All Staff and Faculty

The Spring 2012 cycle for submitting proposals for large IT-related projects is now open!  Details on how to submit a proposal and a full description of the prioritization process are on the ITS website at  Proposals are due by March 9, 2012.

The ITS Project Office is holding work sessions on Monday, February 20 at 11:00 am and 3:00 pm in GH 211C to answer questions about the prioritization process and provide guidance on filling out request forms.

The following changes have been made to the process since the last cycle:

  1. Improving efficiency has been added to the strategic objectives list.
  2. The project request form and scoring rubric have been modified so they're clearer and easier to use.
  3. You now need to include a statement of support from the project sponsor with your project request. 

How to Submit (or Resubmit) a Project Proposal

For a project that will likely require more than 20 hours of ITS time and the efforts of two or more ITS staff to accomplish, submit your request on a Project Request Form (on the ITS website at to If you want to talk through your project ideas, get advice on how to present the idea for the best chance of success, or simply learn how to complete the form, please contact anyone in ITS with whom you feel comfortable discussing the project.

If you submitted a project in the last prioritization cycle and it was not approved, we encourage you to do one of the following:

  1. Resubmit your request.  Revise the information if your project has changed, or provide additional justification information with the updated project request form. Take into account the updated priorities noted above. To make sure you're hitting all the right notes, check the breakdown of the score allocated to your project proposal in the last cycle at
  2. Confirm your request should stand “as is”.  Your project will be rescored against the updated rubric in the next prioritization cycle.
  3. Split up your project. Consider breaking your request into smaller pieces, each of which may require fewer resources or less time to accomplish.

Where Can I See the Status of IT Projects?

You can see a list of all the proposed projects waiting to be prioritized, the approved projects waiting to be started, and the status of projects we’re currently working on at Just click on the appropriate tab to see a list of projects in each category; click on any individual project name to see more details of that project.

** Please note: to be considered in this prioritization cycle, project requests must be submitted by March 9, 2012. **

Remember that this process is for large projects only! Continue to use whatever channels you have been using to communicate with ITS staff for your day-to-day support needs. We encourage you  to consult with anyone in ITS on any IT idea you may have, even if it is not (yet) a project request. 

We welcome your ideas and feedback about this process. Please call the ITS Project Office at (707) 826-5080 or email us at