To: All Staff and Faculty

On June 1, the HSU campus gets a new option for wireless communications - secure wireless.

Connecting your personal (or HSU-owned) laptop, smartphone, or Kindle to the HSUWireless-Secure network brings some significant advantages over the regular wireless network. You'll now be able to:

  • access departmental shares without using a VPN
  • print to the wired network printers you already use
  • easily access almost all applications
  • and generally communicate freely, safe in the knowledge that all your communications are encrypted

You'll find more information about the secure wireless network on the ITS website, along with links to setup instructions for all the platforms we support (Windows XP/Vista/7, Mac OS X 10.5/10.6/10.7, iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, Android smartphones and tablets, and Kindle Fire e-readers). The setup instructions are designed for use with personally-owned devices; if you would like to configure an HSU-owned device to use the wireless network, please talk with your ITC or contact the Technology Help Desk after June 1- certain aspects of the configuration are slightly different.

If you're using the regular HSUWireless network, we encourage you to switch to the secure wireless network after June 1. It's a whole lot more flexible and it's just as fast.

We can't promise to support every device right out of the gate but, if you have a device that's not currently supported on the HSUWireless-Secure network, please do let us know so that we can plan for possible future support.

Thanks for helping us to keep HSU networks secure.