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How long can I stay in an application before it times out?

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Many applications use “inactivity time-outs” as a security measure to prevent unauthorized access; they do this by closing any session when no activity has occurred within that application for a certain period of time. Since myHumboldt allows direct access to PeopleSoft, myHumboldt's own time-out period is tied to that of PeopleSoft, which provides the optimal balance between security and usability. This is also necessary because HSU cannot control where users log into myHumboldt from - like an Internet cafe on a shared computer in a remote corner of the world - so it's a security audit requirement.

Most of the myHumboldt applications time out after 45 minutes of inactivity; Moodle, STARS, and the Library Articles & Databases applications time out after two hours, and Gmail and other Google Apps, which can run for one to three days of inactivity before timing out. You should see a pop-up message on your screen warning you of an upcoming time-out; if you do not see this message, please check your browser options to ensure you don't have pop-ups blocked.