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Update Virtual Machine Hardware

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Estimated resolution time: 
Who is affected: 
some File and Print services, housing web, stars, vpn, radius
If server is unavailable please try again or wait until after 9 PM
Planned Outage
What happened: 
Server virtual hardware must be upgraded for the new backup system being installed
Issue start: 
Affected in what way: 
Each server will be shut down for less than 5 minutes while virtual hardware is updated, The server will then be rebooted once the new drivers load. Server being updated are hsu-prntts hsu-prnttsw AH-S1700x spfdb ADP 2214 vpn its-labstats its-license AV hsu-prnt1 hsu-ps1 hsu-ps2 hsu-psdev psu-printmgr ee-fileserver (ee-office) fao-stars hsng-sr-web its-projterm tns-radius its-ati2 oem-office its-ditss-clock its-ditss-flex cps-server its-elm obi-irp-term (1) SFS-Kiosk tns-cmg