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Add new firewall rule

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Add, modify, or remove an exception allowing outside traffic to reach an on-campus host

intermittent on request from service administrators
Impact of Change: 
Test Plan: 

After change, check major web sites from cell phone using carrier data network to verify that ruleset is not corrupted

Communication Plan: 
Low impact, so not typically systatted.  Requesting service admins are notified via IFD request process
Implementation Procedure: 
    Connect to Firewall cluster with NSM Software
    backup current running config
    add new rule in local NSM software
    validate rules and check for errors
    deploy rules via NSM
    test from off campus

Change Approval: 
IFD change process through TNS web site
Production Validation Plan: 

Check main web site functionality from off campus as well as the newly modified rule

Backout Plan: 

revert to backed up rule via NSM software

Not Approved