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Move VLAN from Core to Firewall

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Get HSU in alignment with CSU Network Baseline Requirements

As needed during monthly maintenance window
Impact of Change: 
Test Plan: 

Test with desktop PC
Check firewall logs for traffic flow to and from VLAN
Check with sysadmins

Communication Plan: 
Systat, communication to ITCs
Implementation Procedure: 

Make backup copy of all configurations being touched
Disable Intermapper notifications
Log into each core and remove layer 3 interfaces for the VLAN being moved
Verify VLAN has been removed from each core
Log into firewall and create new policy
Configure layer-3 interface for VLAN
Place interface into appropriate zone
Apply new policy
Check firewall logs for traffic flow to and from VLAN
Turn on Intermapper notifications
Send email to sysadmins and netadmins that work has been completed with any special notes

Change Approval: 
Director of Enterprise Technology
Production Validation Plan: 

Test from VLANs that are in regular security zones and high security zones

Backout Plan: 

Revert to backup configurations