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Nolij 6.6.8 Upgrade

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Upgrade Nolij from 6.5.16 to 6.6.8
Change authentication from LDAP to CAS
Move database from Birch 10G to Poplar 11G

One time change.
Impact of Change: 
Test Plan: 

Upgrade and authentication tested in Nolij-Stg environment

Communication Plan: 
Systat Messages
Implementation Procedure: 

Sunday, Nov. 18, 2012
1. Database clone from Birch to Popular
2. Create DB Link to PS
3. Create Webserver restore point
4. Upgrade Nolij
5. Verify procedures compile correctly
6. Test upgraded production

Change Approval: 
1. DBA 2. Prog/Analyst 3. Systems Analyst 4. Prog/Analyst 5. Prog/Analyst 6. Functional Users
Production Validation Plan: 

Financial Aid and HR test and approve upgraded production

Backout Plan: 

Restore Nolij Web Server

Not Approved