To: OBI Elite Training Program Participants

If you’ve been paying attention to institutional conversations, initiatives and priorities lately, you’ve no doubt observed that there are increasing demands for data to support important decisions. At the same time, you’ve probably run into challenges finding the data you need to do your own job.

So here’s some exciting news! ITS is offering a special series of training sessions aimed at developing stronger data gathering and analysis skills across campus, and your Vice President has selected you as one of only 35 people to participate in this elite program. Why you? Because you have shown a deep understanding of the data in your functional area, and because you clearly have a knack for transforming raw data into useful information.

This comprehensive training program will involve two half-days per month for three consecutive months. Each month, you’ll get an orientation to a different set of data (student, finance or human resources), and learn a new set of skills and tools available to you within Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) – HSU’s comprehensive environment for organizing, analyzing and presenting data.  There will be a big emphasis on practical skill development, so you’ll have plenty of time during the sessions for hands-on work with both the tools and the data. There will also be a pre-training orientation session, before the formal training starts, to help you prepare for what’s in store.

Throughout the learning process, and afterwards, you’ll all be encouraged to support and help each other, and to share the insights and nifty tricks you discover. Once your formal training is complete, you’ll take your new skills back to your respective functional areas, ready and able to help your team gather and provide the data they need to make better decisions.

You'll soon receive invitations to training with specific time and location information. Meanwhile, please save room on your calendars for the following dates:

  • Pre-training orientation - November 28
  • Training 1 - December 3 and 4
  • Training 2 - January 7 and 8
  • Training 3 - February 4 and 5

We hope you’re as excited to be a part of this special initiative as we are to have you! If you have questions in the meantime, please feel free to contact Josh Callahan at x6124 or Anna Kircher at x6101.