To: All Staff and Faculty

You've probably noticed a number of and email addresses cluttering up the address lists in Google and Outlook when you select recipients for your emails. This is the result of a change in GMail that has caused confusion within our GMail system and actually broken the way email addressing works in Outlook. As we have not actually used the Axe and Redwood email servers for some time (messages sent to those email addresses are automatically forwarded to your mailbox), the best solution for everyone is to end the use of those and addresses entirely.

That is exactly what we will be doing on February 11, 2013. As of that date, the HSU Gmail system will use only the more straightforward <yourname> address format, and selecting email recipients will be smoother and more streamlined for GMail and Outlook users alike.

To ensure you don’t lose any incoming emails as a result of this change, please take the following steps before February 11 as appropriate for your situation:
  • If you notice any incoming emails addressed to you at an or an address, please let the sender know that they need to update their address book. You can search for these emails by entering '' or '' into the search box.
  • If you subscribe to any off-campus mailing lists, newsletters, etc, with an or an address, you’ll need to update your subscription information or resubscribe using your address. Some subscriber mailings you receive will include your email address in the body of the mail; you can locate these and others that are addressed to you as an individual rather than through a group email address using the search described above. If you’ve been subscribed to any lists for ten years or more, you probably subscribed to those lists using an or an address.
  • When you send emails, take care not to select any or addresses from the suggested list of contacts displayed in Gmail.

You don’t need to make any changes to on-campus mailing lists (HSU Google Groups); ITS will take care of updating those email addresses for you.