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Wireless Controller Upgrade - Emergency Maintenance

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Estimated resolution time: 
Who is affected: 
All wireless clients campus wide
If your device is capable, connect it to a wired network connection (if available).
Planned Outage
What happened: 
A controller crashed recently due to a kernel panic. While the exact cause remains unknown, a critical defect of the software image the campus is running has been identified and will be upgraded to resolve the defect.
Issue start: 
Affected in what way: 
*************UPDATE 2/15/13 @ 5:38am - Upgrade Successful, all wireless network services have been restored*************Users will be unable to locate the HSUWireless, HSUWireless-Secure, ResnetWireless, ResnetWireless-Secure, HSUMarineLab SSIDs and all other HSU wireless networks during this planned outage. Clients will be unable to connect intermittently.