To: Deans, Department Chairs

We are conscious that we’ve been relying heavily on you to get the word out to your faculty and instructors about Moodle updates/changes/requests for action, and would like to explore with you ways to get these communications out (and acted on!) without impinging too much on your time.

Some options we might consider are:

  • Emails followed by broadcast voicemail reminders
  • Short presentations to departmental meetings with Moodle updates and dates to remember
  • A monthly “Moodle Updates” e-newsletter or paper newsletter
  • A monthly “Moodle Updates” video

Please let us know if you think any of these options – or any other ideas you may have – will alleviate the burden on you while still getting the necessary information across to faculty and instructors.

I’d also be happy to host a discussion group if you would find that approach helpful.

Thank you for giving this some thought.