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I'm having problems logging into Gmail and Google Apps

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You can access Gmail and Google Apps through myHumboldt. There are a few situations that may cause this problem. 

If you have just changed your HSU password and you're ending up on the bare Google Apps login page rather than the myHumboldt login page, you may be able to fix this by simply restarting your browser. If that doesn't resolve the issue, your best option is to clear your browser cache and cookies, enabling the whole process to make a clean start.

If you're seeing one of the below error messages, follow the advice given to resolve your issue:

  1. "Authentication Failed" - This is usually caused by entering your HSU User Name and/or password incorrectly.  Double-check that you are using the correct login and try again. Try logging into myHumboldt to see if your password works there. If that works, but you still see this error, call or email the Technology Help Desk ( or (707) 826-4357)
  2. "Invalid IdP URL" (shows a picture of the dragon-like creature, technically a griffin) - This error typically appears if you have the login page bookmarked. You should update/edit your bookmark to point to If you are using IE 8 and the right bookmark, you may need to reset your browser settings: Click Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced. Click Reset. Do NOT check Delete Personal Settings. Click Reset. Close Browser
  3. "Invalid Email" - This error happens because you don't have an email account on Google Apps. If you no longer qualify for an account, this may not be in error. If you believe that you should have an email account, contact the Technology Help Desk ( or (707) 826-4357)
  4. "Message did not meet security requirements" - (or Cookies must be allowed). This happens for one of two reasons.
    1. If you are using Safari on a Mac, this is typically caused by an expired certificate in your KeyChain. To get to your KeyChain, go to GoUtilities > KeyChain Access. Click the login keychain on the left-hand side and look for any certificates with a red X. Click on the expired certificate and press the delete button on your keyboard.
    2. If you aren't a Safari/Mac user, check your clock time. If it does not match the server time, you'll receive this error. Correct your clock time.