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My mail stopped forwarding to my personal email account.

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This happened because Google won't allow us to set a forwarding email for your account. You have to set it up yourself.  (You should have received an email or two about this, but your account may have been missed).

Don't worry - your mail isn't lost (it's waiting for you in your Google Apps account).

To set up your forward: 1) Login to your HSU Google Apps account (, and 2) follow the instructions at

As a reminder, your Humboldt State University email account is an official form of communication between you and the university. You are responsible for checking your HSU email account for official communications. Although you may elect to redirect messages sent to your official HSU email address to another address, you do so at your own risk. Having an email lost as a result of re-direction does not absolve you from responsibilities associated with communication sent to your official university email address. The university is not responsible for the handling of email by outside vendors or unofficial servers.