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How do I know if I have a student with a disability?

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You may not know. While students with disabilities generally register with the Student Disability Resource Center (SDRC), the SDRC does not necessarily inform all faculty of all reported disabilities. However, if a student has extraordinary needs, SDRC will work with individual faculty to ensure that reasonable accommodations are made. For example, accommodations for blind students or those with low vision, students with severe hearing impairment, or students whose physical impairments will require wheelchair access will be arranged by SDRC in collaboration with the faculty member. As far as instructional materials are concerned, it is a key goal of HSU's Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI) to effect small changes such that students without an obvious disability, such as a hearing impairment, need not self-identify in advance. Turning on captioning for a video is a very minor accommodation that all of us can easily make, automatically and with no formal request from the student or SDRC, and the additional visual cue sometimes also helps other students.