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For security reasons, it's always a good idea to keep your system patched and protected, both on campus and off. Follow the security guidelines below and you'll have a system that keeps itself updated and protected. As new patches come out, we'll update our security requirements as needed. If you ever find that you don't pass the security scan, check to make sure your system has the latest OS and antivirus updates. 

Windows (How can I tell what version I have?)

  • 2000 (SP4)
  • 2003 Server (SP2)
  • 2008 Server (SP2)
  • Vista (SP2)
  • Windows 7

New Windows Service Packs will become a requirement three months after release.

Macintosh (How can I tell what version I have?)

  • 10.4.9 (Tiger)
  • 10.5.6 (Leopard)
  • 10.6.0 (Snow Leopard)

The OS X patch level must be within the three most recent releases - if the highest available patch level for OS X 10.4 is 10.4.11, you must have 10.4.9, 10.4.10, or 10.4.11.


All major Linux distributions are acceptable provided they are up-to-date.

Current Patches

Make sure that your operating system is updated to include the most recent software patches. Windows (Vista, 7) must be configured to install Windows Updates automatically; the CSA will do this for you, setting your update time for 7:00pm-9:30pm. If you want to configure automatic updates yourself, the following links will help you to do this:

Microsoft (Windows) Updates

Mac OS X Software Updates

Make sure you select a time when your computer will be powered on and connected to the Internet.

Current Antivirus Software

You are also required to have up-to-date antivirus protection installed. We've compiled a list of anti-virus software packages that meet HSU's wireless security requirements. Most of the commercial products (but few of the free products) automatically configure themselves to download updates automatically. Always check to ensure your antivirus has the most up-to-date signature files.