Pay-for-Print :: Grant & Department Funded Printing

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If you have work that needs to be printed in a computer lab and would like to have it charged to either a grant, a project, or your department, you should request grant or department funded printing.

Grant or department funded printing done in labs must be authorized by either a principal Investigator of a grant or someone with signature authority for a department.  Once your grant or department funded printing is set up in our printing system, authorized employees or students will be prompted to charge their printing to either the grant/department or their personal funds when they print each document.  Use our Printing Authorization Form to request grant or department funded printing, then make sure that your authorized users have these grant or department funded printing instructions.

How to Request Grant or Department Funded Printing

  1. Fill out the Printing Authorization Form.  You'll need to specify a printing budget amount and provide a chartfield string and a list of authorized users (names and HSU User Names).
  2. We'll bill your grant or department in advance for the entire authorized amount.
  3. Once the grant or department has been billed, we'll set up the grant or department in Pharos (our print management system) and give permissions to the people you specify.  We'll let you know when this is done.  (Note: The billing process may take a few days, so please plan accordingly)
  4. You should provide your authorized users with these grant or department funded printing instructions.
  5. At the end of your grant or project, any unused printing amount will be refunded to the grant or department (and your printing quota will be reduced to 0).  For a multi-year grant or project, authorized printers will be reviewed with the PI or signature authority annually.