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PeopleSoft Upgrade: More Information

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Why are we doing the upgrade?
To comply with the Chancellor's office mandate to be on the vendor supported version of the software. This is a major software upgrade that the project team has been working on for many months. While the changes in the initial release will be mostly cosmetic to the faculty, staff, and student users, it gives us a platform to roll out additional features. The upgrade also will provide PeopleSoft power users with significantly improved functionality.

Why are we doing it during the first week of December?
The campus began planning for the HCM 9.0 Upgrade in mid-2009. One of the early decisions was to select an upgrade date from the available dates provided by the Chancellor's Office. All 23 CSU campuses were required to upgrade to HCM 9.0 within a relatively short time frame and it was decided that the December 1-7 time period would have the least negative impact to the campus community.

Why does the upgrade take so long?
The upgrade process is a joint effort of the Chancellor's Office and HSU where the software is upgraded, local customizations applied, and information verified before returning the system to the campus. The system downtime period is an estimate derived from other campuses that have completed the upgrade. Every effort will be made to reduce the downtime.

Where can I find more information about the upgrade status?
Changes to system availability will be communicated via updates on:
• For Students: Student Center Help ( )
• For Faculty: Faculty Center Help ( )
• For Everyone: Systat (/its/systat ) websites and Systat email (join the group ).

Who are the Project Team Members?
• Academic Personnel Services: Melissa Koval
• Admissions: Beni Bennett and Kristin Mack
• Financial Aid: Brendan Brisker
• Human Resources / Payroll: Sue Peck, Phil Rouse, and Jeff Williams
• Information Technology Services: Ken Thrift, Ken Rocha, Dale Sanford, and Marisa D’Arpino
• Office of the Registrar: Grace Dempsey and Travis Brunner
• Student Financial Services: Sandy Wieckowski