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CSU / HSU Information Technology and Security Policies

11-2011 [EM: P11-11] HSU Data Center and Telecommunications Physical Access Policy
11-2011 [EM: P11-10] Humboldt State University Network Connection Policy
11-2011 [EM: P11-09] Implementation of the CSU Information Security Policy
04-2011 [EM: P11-03] Policy for Compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard
06-2010 [EM: P10-03] HSU Implementation of the CSU Data Classification Standards
06-2009 [EM: P09-03] Intellectual Property Policy
06-2009 [EM: P09-02] HSU Policy to Implement the Systemwide Records/Information Retention and Disposition Schedule – Executive Order 1031
10-2008   HSU Web Development
03-2008 [EM: P08-01] Humboldt State University Policy For Commercial Visual And Sound Production
09-2007 [EM: P07-02] Humboldt State University Policy on Web Accessibility
11-2005 [UML 05-03] Student Records Access Policy
04-2001 [UML 01-02] Responsible Use Policy
03-2007 CSU EO 999 Illegal Electronic File Sharing and Protection of Electronic Copyrighted Material

Computing Labs - Specific resource policy statements for the Interdisciplinary Computing Labs are posted in the labs.

Central Servers: Specific resource policy statements for HSU's central web servers can be read by entering statement at the system prompt after logging on to each central system.

CSU Information Security Policy

Telecommunications & Network Services

The installation of cabling and network equipment follows standard procedures as set out in the Chancellor's Office Telecommunications Infrastructure Planning Standards (TIPS) document.

A comprehensive set of documentation may be found on the HSU Telecommunications & Networking Standards & Practices page.