Technology Equipment Checkout :: Charge-Back Policy

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1. Policy

Technology Equipment Checkout is funded by Academic Affairs for the purpose of providing equipment and services in support of instructional programs. All requests for equipment loans or services from individuals and agencies for non-instructional purposes shall be subject to a service or use charge to compensate the instructional program for use of the resources.

2. Definitions

Grants and Contracts is defined as an externally-funded project in which Humboldt State University has become a participant. In accordance with Executive Memorandum P 00-3, all costs, both direct and indirect, shall be recovered for each project. Therefore, such projects will be treated as non-instructional for charge-back purposes unless prior agreement is given by the Director of User Support Services to offer media resources as an "in-kind" contribution to the grant or contract. 

Instructional is defined as an activity in direct support of classroom instruction or FTES-generating distance learning under the supervision of a faculty member in a department which issues academic credit to enrolled students. A reasonable level of participation by HSU in support of instructional programs originating from other CSU campuses and generating FTES for any of the academic programs at HSU, will be considered instructional with the approval of the Director of User Support Services. 

Library is defined as an activity in direct support of the CSU or HSU information competency programs under the supervision of a faculty member in the Library. Support for such activities will be considered instructional for charge-back purposes. 

Non-instructional is defined as projects that do not generate FTES through any HSU academic department or which are not part of an information competency program offered through the Library. Courses offered through Extended Education will be considered non-instructional.

A charge-back is a fee assessed for the use of equipment, a labor charge for a service performed, or a charge for a product. A schedule of fees will be kept at the Technology Equipment Checkout office. 

3. Applications

3.1 Technology Equipment Checkout loans and services shall be provided free of charge to HSU faculty members when used for instructional support. Equipment and service requests by faculty for uses other than instructional support shall be subject to charge-backs.
3.1.1 Authorized clerical or technical staff members of academic departments may act as agents for faculty in the securing of Technology Equipment Checkout equipment and services.
3.2 All users will be charged for the cost of consumable materials such video- and audio-tape used to honor a service request if the materials are permanently retained by the department and not made a part of the University's circulating Technology Equipment Checkout inventory.
3.3 Students may check out equipment (excluding computers and data projectors) for classroom activities free of charge if authorized by the course instructor.
3.4 Equipment requests from official academic clubs will be treated as instructional requests if authorized by the faculty advisor of the academic club.
3.5 Technology Equipment Checkout equipment loans and services will be provided to non-instructional agencies of the University only if they are not in demand at the requested times by instructional users. Support for non-instructional use will be provided on a charge-back basis.

4. Excessive Use Fees

Users of the equipment are responsible for on-time return (as shown on the check-out document) of the checked-out equipment. An excessive use fee will be applied to a late return.

4.1 Fees for excessive use are computed from the time the equipment was due until the time the equipment is returned.
4.2 Fees are computed on a per transaction basis, which includes all items that were checked out on a single check out transaction.
4.3 Fees are computed based on the charge-back fee schedule.
4.4 Fees are not negotiable and may be rescinded only in case of equipment failure or other extenuating circumstances which may be recognized by Technology Equipment Checkout as excusing timely return of loaned items.

5. Charge for Damages

Users of the equipment are responsible for exercising care to protect items from theft, loss, or damage and to return equipment as scheduled. The State holds borrowers accountable for the value of the equipment. Financial responsibility for the replacement or repair in case of negligent damage or loss lies with the individual who checks out the equipment or, when a faculty member authorizes clerical or technical staff members to act as an agent in the securing of Technology Equipment Checkout equipment and/or authorizes students for equipment use, with the faculty member.

6. Equipment Repair

Technology Equipment Checkout is responsible for the repair and maintenance of the equipment that is included in the classroom technology inventory.