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It is important for all users of Humboldt State University's computing lab resources to recognize that we are all responsible for the well-being and continued availability of the computing, network, and information resources we use. While it is natural for universities to promote the open exchange of ideas, an open computing network can be vulnerable to abuse or misuse. As more and more individuals, schools, colleges, universities, businesses, government agencies, and other enterprises integrate more and more of their lives with the global computing and information networks that comprise the world wide web, it is more important than ever that University users are aware of the ethical behavior, acceptable computing practices, and copyright and licensing issues required for the safe usage of these networks. Students, faculty, and staff also need to understand how computer abuse can negatively impact the free and open exchange of ideas that is integral to a rounded education. 

For these reasons, we strongly encourage anyone intending to make use of HSU lab facilities to familiarize themselves with the following documents:

If you have any questions about HSU Labs policies, please consult with your system administrator, the Technology Help Desk or other staff in Information Technology Services, your dean, project director, supervisor, chair, or advisor, or the Information Security Coordinator.