Moodle :: Moodle Usage Policies

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Much of Moodle's functionality is automatic, but there are a few aspects of the system for which faculty need to take direct responsibility.


Back-ups are the responsibility of the instructor. As with any other computer files, you should back up your Moodle course and save it to your computer as needed during the term and at the end of the semester. The maximum file size for self-service backups is 1GB; to back up larger files, please contact Moodle Support. If you have problems backing up (or restoring backup copies), call (707) 826-3633 for assistance.

Semester-End Procedures

At the end of each semester, active courses are locked so that content cannot be edited; this usually happens about a week after grades are completed. Instructors who want to edit something in the course, or students who want to finish an incomplete, should contact the Moodle office to find out what options are available to them.

Inactive Course Sites

Inactive course sites are stored on the Moodle server for 24 months after the course is completed. It is the instructor's responsibility to maintain records of student grades and any other pertinent student records, as this information is not stored with the course backup. Moodle should never be used for file storage, especially one-of-a-kind documents. Remove outdated material if you will not be using it again.

Populating Courses with Registered Students

Moodle integrates directly with HSU's PeopleSoft information system, so student enrollment is handled automatically. Faculty can manually add students, teaching assistants, and instructors not officially registered for the course. Note that students cannot be permanently dropped through Moodle; a student must drop the course in PeopleSoft.

Updating Moodle Class Registries

Moodle class registries are updated three times a day, every day. Students can attend a Moodle class as soon as they have signed up for the course in PeopleSoft, although it may take a few hours for students who have added a class but not signed in yet to show up in the instructor's class roster (you can check this by clicking on the Participants link in the Control Panel).