Purchasing :: Printer Purchasing Process

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Once you've determined which printer(s) meet your department's requirements, using the information on the Printer Recommendations page, you may wish to request a quotation from Sehi (a requirement if you need to obtain formal approval).

When you're ready to move forward with the purchasing process, you have two options. Click the link for more information on how to process an order using that option:

  • Purchasing with an HSU Purchase Request. For large orders, submit an HSU Purchase Request (with quote attached) to the HSU Procurement Office for processing.  For questions about how to complete or submit an HSU Purchase Request, contact the HSU Procurement Office at (707) 826-3512).
  • Purchasing with an HSU ProCard. For smaller orders, you can place your order directly in the HSU/Sehi Online Store using your HSU ProCard.