ITS Project Prioritization Results Are In!

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The results are in! Find out which ITS projects made the cut for 2016, based on the scoring rubric developed specifically for this purpose and on the recommendations of the Vice Presidents. ITS will be working through these as described on the individual portfolio pages.


The ITS Project Prioritization cycle for Fall 2015 has been completed and the results sent out. The Steering Committee received a total of 13 project proposals, of which 10 were recommended to, and approved by, the Vice Presidents; the remaining three were not scheduled due to resource limitations. Each proposal was reviewed and scored using the rubric developed specifically for this purpose, and staff resource requirements assessed by ITS, in order to determine the final selection.

Details of the approved projects, their scores, and their proposed schedules can be found on the ITS website. You can view the details for each project by clicking on the link within each result summary.

We welcome your ideas and feedback. Call the ITS Project Office at (707) 826-5080 or send an email to