Campus Technology Priorities for 2013-14

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The ITS Project Office is initiating a wide-ranging process improvement program to ensure technology projects will always deliver improved customer service, increased productivity, and decreased costs to the University. Read more about the project priorities for this academic year.

The ITS Project Office is adding structured process improvement strategies to the project management process to ensure that improved customer service, increased productivity, and decreased costs result from technology projects. Leading this effort is Josh Smith, the new Process Improvement Manager in the ITS Project Office; this strategy is also supported by the transfer of Quality Improvement Analyst Phil Rouse from Human Resources earlier this year.

The President and VPs have identified four core areas of process improvement as priorities for the campus to address during the current academic year:

  • Document management and integration for eLearning and Extended Education
  • Documentation routing for employee onboarding, separation and transfer
  • Transition to electronic Working Personnel Action Files (WPAF)
  • Budgeting tools

By focusing initially on the improvement of underlying processes, the campus will benefit from a more solid and effective foundation on which to build future technology projects. For this reason, and because ITS is still working to complete a number of projects initiated last year, the President and VPs have determined that there will be no project prioritization cycle in Fall 2013. Teams that will be working on the priority process improvement projects will participate in special process improvement workshops in preparation for these projects.

ITS is also developing a strategic roadmap to guide the campus’s technology projects over the next several years in support of HSU’s vision and mission, which will be published towards the end of 2013. By skipping the Fall 2013 prioritization cycle, the ITS Project Office will be able to start fresh in Spring 2014 with a solid foundation and roadmap that will maximize campus-wide benefits from future technology projects.

If you have a specific project request that you believe cannot wait until Spring 2014, please contact the ITS Project Office at (707) 822-5080 for assistance.