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Implement the CMS Central customized Absence Management module in PeopleSoft HCM to track employee leave accruals and balances.The Self-Service portion eliminates paper absence reporting and allows employees to view their leave balances. In addition, the Compensation History view will be made available to staff.

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Human Resources

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Tammy Curtis

Tammy Curtis
Patty Ambrosini
Sue Peck
Phil Rouse
Shanna Del Grande
Shelly Cook
Jeff Williams
Marisa D'Arpino
Liz Villarreal

Project status
Gradient Closed

Status Update

11/28/12: The project wrap-up meeting took place on 11/27/12. This project is now closed.

10/29/12:  Employee Self-Service went live at the end of September, and training continues through October. A few tasks remain to be completed, including mass notifications and the availability of easy-to-read schedules. The project end date and after action review have been moved out from 10/31/12 to 11/27/12 to allow for all outstanding tasks to be wrapped up.

09/24/12:  Employee Self-Service is going live 9/25/12, training sessions are scheduled for this week and next, and learning materials are available on a new HR website at www.humboldt.edu/hsuhr/payroll/amss

09/06/12: Additional manager training/presentations will take place on 9/21/12. Employee Self-Service (Absence Management, Compensation History, Emergency Contact, View Fees) goes live 9/25/12. Education and communication starts 9/14/12.

08/03/12:  Manager training for the Pilot 1 group is in the planning stage, along with Timekeeper training for the next set of departments. Rollout and communication plans are in process.

07/19/12: Pilot departments' timekeepers are entering June absences. Initial campus communication went out today.  Working on rollout and communications plans.

06/25/12: Core processes successfully went live late last month. Payroll is processing May absences in both the old and new systems (and will do the same for June to confirm the new system is working as expected). Awaiting new HR administrator's decision on communications and self-service go-live dates. Pilot departments' timekeeper training is scheduled for 6/26/12.

05/21/12: Core processes for Payroll are planned to go live over Memorial Day weekend. A go/no-go meeting is scheduled for 5/23/12. Self-service planning will continue after the holiday.

04/23/12: The scheduled core functionality and self-service work is still in process. Initial training, testing, and communication drafts are in discussion/review.

03/26/12:  The scheduled core functionality and self-service work is in process. 

02/27/12: The first test of the data conversion has been completed, and system configuration work is in process.

01/23/12: The project team is regrouping next week for further business instruction and to start the implementation push. Core functionality continues to have a May go-live date, and the Self-Service roll out will take place in two phases - July and September.

12/19/11: System configuration and testing have been scheduled and will start in late January.

11/28/11: Work on this project will start once the PeopleSoft HCM 9 upgrade is completed in early December.

10/25/11: Since this is a State-mandated project and work has started, it has been exempted from the project prioritization and scheduling processes.

08/29/11: Initial planning session scheduled for mid-September.

Project Documents
09-19-11 to 11-27-12

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