Accounts Payable Automation


Establishing a formal automated workflow and storage system for invoice and expense payments will enable payments to be scheduled efficiently, payments to be made in a timely fashion, and storage used more effectively. Using the accounts payable interface in Nolij with PeopleSoft will render data processing more efficient than the current manual processing of paper invoices.

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Requesting Department
Financial Services - Director

Primary Customers
Campus departments

Ken Rocha
Bethany Rizzardi
Tawny Flemming
Sandra Cady
Lynne Sandstrom
Carol Lorentzen

Project status
Gradient Closed

Status Update

5/30/13: The "lessons learned" meeting has been held and this project is now closed.

4/23/13: A number of fixes for Accounts Payable have been put in place. Our "lessons learned' meeting has been moved to 5/9/13, after which we will close this project.

3/26/13: We have worked through the timeout problem and Accounts Payable continues to learn about and work on internal processes. A "lessons learned" meeting has been scheduled for April.

2/25/13: The Accounts Payable Nolij workflow has been in production for nearly a month. We have identified a timeout problem in the system and are working to resolve that before we close out this project with a "lessons learned" review meeting.

1/28/13: The Accounts Payable Nolij workflow is going into production today. Accounts Payable staff will begin using the workflow for processing invoices as of 1/29/13, and a "lessons learned" meeting to review the project has been scheduled for 2/11/13.

12/21/12: Accounts Payable staff continue to test their workflow internally and with a few areas on campus. Testing will continue through January, and the new workflow is now scheduled to go live 1/28/13.

11/27/12: The Nolij programmers demonstrated the workflow to the Accounts Payable staff, and project leads will be conducting training the first week of December. Testing will take place December 10-21 and the workflow should be ready to move into production 1/7/13.

10/31/12: The Accounts Payable team has previewed their Nolij workflow, and changes are being made based on their feedback. Over the next few weeks, the changes will be finalized and tested.

9/24/12: The Accounts Payable team is finalizing their efficiency goals. We have completed our workflow planning and have begun building the workflow in Nolij. Workflow building and forms planning will continue over the next few weeks.

8/27/12: Workflow planning will begin next week when Nolij consultants are on site. The remainder of the project timeline will be established during the next few weeks.

8/6/12:  Work has begun on defining roles and document types, and we will build out the initial Nolij environment this month. Nolij consultants will be onsite at the beginning of September to begin documenting existing and future processes and start building the workflow.

5/8/12: Project approved and scheduled to start 7/16/12 if Nolij consultants can assist with these projects. Otherwise, resource constraints will push the project start date out to January 2013.

3/12/12: Project resubmitted

12/21/11: Project scored. Resource limitations prevented recommendation or scheduling at this time. 

Project Documents
07-16-12 to 02-11-13

Project Documents

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