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This project would replace the current HSU Library online tutorial "Research Roadmap". HSU faculty librarians selected an adaptation of "Begin Research", an award-winning online information literacy tutorial designed by University of California librarians to introduce students to basic information literacy, research skills and concepts. The "Begin Research" tutorial is Flash-based and not ADA-compliant or compatible with many mobile devices, so this project is to collaboratively design a customized, non-Flash based tutorial that features "Begin Research" content, with interactivity and hands-on learning, that is ADA-compliant and accessible via tablets and mobile devices in support of HSU's onsite and distance education learners.

Project Request Documents
Requesting Department
University Library

Primary Customers
Instructional Faculty
Instructional Librarians and Library staff

Marisa D'Arpino
Teresa Grenot
Library Staff
Sarah Fay Philips
Bill Bateman
Bruce Tiffee
Steve Mottaz

Project status
Brown Cancelled

Status Update

06/24/13: No updates, since both the functional lead and the Drupal developer are out of the office for the month of June.

This proposed project is being cancelled, since the solution is a set of non-project level efforts: Moodle course, Drupal website, and reporting (some from Drupal and some from Moodle).

05/28/13:  Research and Self-Assessment content and reporting requirements are scheduled to be finalized by 5/31/13. Configuration and testing will start 7/1/13 and continue through mid-August 2013. The Library will identify one or more instructors/courses to use as a test case during the Fall term (this will be a soft rollout as it will replace the current tool) and make a public announcement before the Spring 2014 term begins. 

Quizzes and related reporting will move forward once we have engaged with an Instructional Designer. 

04/18/13:  The team has reviewed the preliminary requirements and determined that the solution should be divided into three elements:

  1. Research Content and Self-Assessments: This element would be accessible to everyone and code can be leveraged by any third party using Drupal. A Drupal quiz module has been identified; some graphic design effort may be needed if animation is required. Detailed requirements are needed in order to estimate the effort involved and to develop a business case for the ITS Project Prioritzation Committee to review.
  2. Quizzes: This element would be used only by HSU students and incorporated into instructors' Moodle courses. Detailed requirements are needed in order for the instructional designer the Library is working with to develop the class and for the Moodle team to know if any programmer involovement is required.
  3. Reporting: The technical solution for this element will be determined after the requirements are completed.

3/26/13: We have created a matrix to ease comparison of the Library's requirements with the following potential solutions: Begin Research, Moodle, and Drupal. Discussions with the Library, Drupal expert, Moodle Lead, and ITS Project Coordinator/Business Analyst have concluded that only the content from "Begin Research" can be used in HSU's solution. Adapting "Begin Research" would be very time-consuming and still not meet the Library's requirements without integrating it with other tools. Neither Drupal nor Moodle currently meet all requirements, and OBI may need to be included to support reporting requirements. The Library's solution would need to be a discrete software application, not simply a series of web pages.

To refine the business requirements, the Library is working on:

  1. Outlining the course chapters and questions; the Library wants to reduce the number of questions on the page to declutter the design, and add a post-course quiz.
  2. A list of questions and answers, along with the answer options
  3. A description of the information to appear in reports
  4. A list of issues with the current process, for example: student mistypes instructor's email address; instructors receive emails every time students complete chapters, instructors need to collate and manually enter grades, etc.

A meeting will be scheduled the first week of April to discuss the potential technical solutions and develop rough resource and level-of-effort estimates. These items and a business case (including process improvements) will be developed for presentation to the ITS Project Prioritization Committee.

12/5/12:  Proposal requires further analysis in design requirements and outside technical resources for development. The Library’s vision builds on the University of California “Begin Research” tool, which is not copyrighted so can be reproduced; unfortunately, we cannot simply apply the UC version at HSU for several reasons: 

  • It does not meet accessibility requirements
  • It uses technology that's no longer supported on mobile devices 
  • It lacks reporting and possibly other Library-desired functionality. 

The actual build of this tool will require a web application developer for which resources are not available within ITS but may be available through MarCom, the D&EE Instructional Designer team or an outside consultant. While Library staff can begin to create screen-shots or mockups of their desired designs, ITS does not have project resources to assist in the technical design analysis until February 2013. The goal will be to complete the design phase by April and share the plans with Faculty before they depart for the summer. The estimated delivery date is dependent on the final design and technology requirements.

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