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Automate the current manual processes used to make admissions decisions that require information from multiple sources by using NOLIJ workflow capabilities to provide faster decision turnaround time for prospective students.

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Status Update

08/25/13:  The system is working well and Admissions has decided to go paperless as of the Fall 2014 admissions cycle, which starts in October 2013, rather than run a paper-based system in parallel. The various admissions departments will complete their first admissions cycles with electronic document management in fall 2013 and spring 2014; success factors will be evaluated based on that experience. 

The Office of Admissions, Office of the Registrar, and Academic Departments have already leveraged the results of this project to use Nolij as an electronic filing cabinet for post-admissions processes.

The Graduation Roadmap business process discussion has been completed and recommendations documented. The Registrar will present this information to the Enrollment Management Work Group for their evaluation before engaging in additional conversations about a technical solution.

EOP has requested additional conversations with ITS regarding potential technical solutions after reconsidering the use of their current EOP Committee Review business practices and documents.

07/25/13: The Graduation Roadmap business process discussion continues. Access granters are in the process of formally approving roles and permissions. Team members are preparing for their refresher work sessions, scheduled for the second week of August, which will be followed by the review of the EOP Committee Review process level of effort estimate with the EOP Director in the third week of August.

06/14/13: The proposed new business process for the Graduate Roadmap will be in discussion through the end of July. Selected faculty will review the process prior to submission to the Enrollment Management Work Group for approval.

05/28/13: All processes except the Graduation Roadmap are in production, and the team is validating what they can. The first real use will start with the next Admissions cycle in August 2013. The Graduation Roadmap business processes are being revisited, partly because business practices that were expected to change have not, and a revised solution and schedule should be available before the end of June. The After Action Review was, for the most part, very positive; highlights included:

  • We accomplished much more that we set out to do and more than Nolij was expected to handle
  • We achieved a better understanding of how other departments work, particularly those that interacted with each other.
  • Every team member followed through on their commitment to be flexible and work towards creative solutions.
  • We maintained a high level of communication throughout the process, with weekly check-in meetings, email distribution list, group working sessions, and individual department working sessions.

We will talk over the summer about how to best get the project team ready for the Admissions cycle that starts 8/1/13 and will conduct comparative measurements of the accomplishments we believe we met and the actual results after a full Admissions cycle ending June 2014.

4/18/13:  The go-live date has moved out to 5/20/13. Additional criteria continue to emerge during cross-department testing; International and First-Time Freshmen testing is done, and that group is working on their user documentation. We have moved the following items out to after the go-live due to the amount work that still needs to be completed and the fact that they are not needed until Fall 2013: Roadmap to Graduation, EOP Committee Evaluation Form, and FTF Eligibility Worksheet.

03/26/13:  Go-live date has been moved to 5/6/13 to allow for further development and testing. Additional requirements were identified when the team started testing their inter-related processes. The Programmer/Analyst has developed a system (that includes Nolij's auto-indexing feature and a third-party application) to read non-image PDFs, name them appropriately (based on data found in the PDF), redact information, and automatically upload them into Nolij. This step was necessary because Nolij's OCR feature was only able to correctly find and use defined data half of the time.

2/25/13:  Internal testing continues. Check-in meeting on 2/27/13 will tell us if we are ready for the move to production 3/8/13-3/10/13 ? or if we need to reschedule.

1/28/13: Internal testing is in progress, and the move to production is planned for March 8-10, by which time we expect all testing (including campus end-users) and BPGs to be completed and all outstanding issues to be resolved. At a minimum, continuing students' files will be put into Nolij between March and August 2013, when all Admissions and Roadmap processes will be handled through Nolij/PeopleSoft HCM. 

12/13/12:  Internal staff testing is in process. Dates for external user testing and rollout are TBD and dependent on the internal testing results.

11/26/12:  Internal staff testing and training moved to late November to allow for a Nolij software upgrade that will avoid the Admissions team having to test in both the old and new versions. Dates for external user testing and rollout are TBD and will depend on the results of the internal training.

10/29/12: Admissions-only staff will begin testing in mid-November and continue through the end of the year.  Departmental training and testing is being scheduled for January to enable the project to go live in February. Specific dates will be announced shortly.

9/24/12:  Project Plan and Business Requirements are expected to be complete by the end of September. Work has begun on two of the decision web forms (eliminating paper). We will roll out the new system in two phases:

1. To internal staff (student assistants, university admissions evaluators, and  university admissions decision makers) using manual workflow.

2.  Extend to department admissions decisions makers using automated workflow.

This approach will enable internal staff become familar with the system so that they can more easily assist the departments and can validate the workflows prior to their being coded.

Phase 1 is expected to be complete by the end of October 2012, and Phase 2 should be completed in Spring 2013.  The traditional admissions processes will run in parallel for the 2012-2013 admissions cycle.

9/06/12: The business and technical requirements and project plan are now being finalized.

8/06/12:  First draft of current processes is under review. Awaiting Nolij project manager's contact information to continue planning for Nolij on-site operations starting 8/27/12.

7/16/12: Current business process documentation is almost complete, with two interviews left (Certificates and Graduation Roadmap), plus the final review/analysis of all programs. The project plan is expected to be finalized by the end of July.

6/25/12:  Documentation of current business processes has started. Next steps are to (1) Analyze the results to see where the processes differ and whether they can be made the same, and (2) Finalize the project scope with the Project Sponsor and Requester.

5/21/12: Several similar Admissions project proposals were approved during the Spring 2012 prioritization cycle and are being combined with this project. Scope and schedule discussions are under way for the next couple of weeks.

4/23/12: The Admissions Nolij environment has been configured with appropriate roles and documents. Work to document the workflow process will begin shortly. 

3/26/12: The necessary implementation information has been gathered. The Admissions Nolij environment will be set up shortly and the workflow processes documented.

2/27/12: Admissions has completed the initial steps of defining their lookup queries and document types. Work will begin shortly on documenting their process workflows.

1/20/12: Initial planning meetings have been scheduled.

12/21/11: Project approved and scheduled.

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