Automated Travel Authorization Process


By using Nolij to route and store travel authorization documents and record electronic signatures, we can track the status of any authorization application and determine quickly and easily whether all paperwork, including liability waivers, defensive driving certifications, and volunteer forms have been completed. The current manual system is slow and inefficient, delaying decision-making and increasing the potential for cost increases.

Project Request Documents
Requesting Department
CAHSS College Wide
CNRS College Wide
CPS College Wide

Primary Customers
Everyone on campus who travels on University business

Ken Thrift
Bethany Rizzardi
Tawny Flemming
Sandra Cady
Lynne Sandstrom
Carol Lorentzen
Billie Herman

Project status
Brown Cancelled

Status Update

6/30/2016: Business Services has been accepted into the vendor's pilot program and has cancelled this project, as it is no longer needed.

5/25/2016: Business Services are awaiting official acceptance into the vendor's pilot program. Once this has been received, they will request that this project be canceled.

4/26/2016: HSU's travel vendor is rolling out a paperless end-to-end travel process from authorization to pay out. As a result, Business Services has decided to place this project on hold until it is determined whether HSU will be part of the vendor's pilot program; if we are included in the pilot, it is likely this project will be canceled.

3/30/2016: The Business Services folks are testing and learning the new process; once testing is complete, they will introduce the Director of International Studies, the Provost's office and the President's office to the new process and their roles in the Nolij workflow. All development is now complete and ready to go live, unless final testing reveals the need for additional revisions.

2/24/2016: The form and Business Process Guide have been delivered to Business Services. The change control request to make the necessary changes to Nolij has been submitted and approved. The deployment plan, now being implemented, is to roll out to back end processors first, then internally to Admin Affairs, then to a few more departments at a time until the full campus rollout is complete.

1/27/2016: Development and testing are complete. Deployment is being scoped and planned; the form should be available to campus by 2/15/16.

12/14/2015:  Demos to the Budget and Finance group and the SAAS group have resulted in some requested changes; while some minor changes are being implemented for this rollout, much of the feedback was determined to be out of scope for this project.

Business Services'  idea to consider a campus-wide roll out has been discussed. The Project Office recommends this version be limited to the Budget and Finance and SAAS groups. This will enable Business Services to better understand the potential needs for further evolution of the travel authorization form and processess and then, if desired, to submit a phase 2 project. 

The timeline for the remainder of this project is:

  • 12/11/2015 - Recommendations communicated to Business Services
  • 12/18/2015 - Final changes, including issues discovered in testing, completed
  • 1/4-8/2016 - Final round of testing and formulation of roll-out plan/processes
  • 1/11/2016 - Business Services rolls out the form 

11/10/2015: Mike and Tawny have signed off on the form changes, and the team is now ready to begin creating test scripts.

10/14/2015: The international changes have been incorporated into the form and will be demonstrated to Mike and Tawny for their review. Once that process has been completed, the team will discuss deployment plans. 

8/27/2015: The team continues to work on understanding the changes to the international travel requirements with a view to creating a solution that the business partners can deliver to users in a staggered roll-out. This approach will enable users to incorporate what they learn during the rollout into their processes and into the form through subsequent work requests. The estimated go-live date has been revised to 9/30/2015 and the project end date to 10/31/2015 to allow for any post-deployment wrap up work.

7/29/2015: The Nolij work has been reviewed and deemed complete, per requirements to date; the Business Process Guide has been distributed to and discussed with business partners. New rules for international travel and a new understanding of the requirements for compliance with all international travel rules is generating some form changes, which may also require additional Nolij changes. To that end, new mockups displaying the new international fields will be reviewed with business partners on 8/10/15, when analyst/programmers will also assess prior to implementation. Business partners will begin testing now and continue through the changes; plans for a limited and staggered roll-out will be developed in parallel, and a new go-live date will be provided at that time.

6/22/2015: ITS has completed testing of Cloning; however, some Nolij work is needed to ensure that routing functions as expected, and an additional Analyst/Programmer has been brought on to do this work. Once he is up to speed with requirements, a new timeline will be established. The Project End and Go Live dates have been updated to reflect the new expected completion time.

5/28/2015: Cloning has been completed and is ready for testing in ITS starting 6/5/15. Once that is done, we will hand off the form to requestor for final testing and work with them on a rollout strategy.

4/30/2015: Ken has addressed some of the final issues and is working on the cloning feature. Once that's completed, the project will be handed off to the requestors for final testing and rollout.

3/26/2015: Final revisions to the form and routing process have been delayed because of staff vacations and more time-critical operations work. We expect to be ready to start final testing with the business unit by mid April.

2/24/2015: Ken completed as much work on the project as possible before leaving for vacation; we will regroup after his return on 3/4/15.

1/29/2015: Met with Ken Thrift to review testing results. Ken is working on revisions required as a result of the testing. A further meeting will take place this week to discuss the new timeline.

12/15/2014: Meeting with Ken Thrift this week to create a task list and timeline. Once these have been established, the go-live date and project end date will be revised accordingly.

10/28/2014: Business Services are now ready to resume this project, so the team is reviewing business rules and requirements for final development, test, and roll out.

Next steps:

  1. Sign off on workflow diagram
  2. Revise end date based on remaining work to be completed

6/24/2014: We have been asked by Business Services to put this project on hold while they finish end-of-year activities. We will resume work on this project in October.

5/29/2014: We have not yet been able to schedule resuming eForm testing with Business Services.

4/24/2014: eForm testing with Business Services will be resumed in early May.

3/26/2014: We continue to work on changes to the eform and will resume testing as soon as possible.

2/26/2014: Updates to the eform and workflow are being made now, and testing will resume on 3/10/14. Once the eforms are ready, Administrative Affairs will pilot test the system before releasing it to the campus.

1/27/2014: Business Services has reactivated this project; e-form testing will resume in February.

11/26/2013: We are working with Business Services to identify an appropriate time to resume work on this project. More information will be posted as it becmes available.

8/27/2013: We have been asked by Business Services to put this project on hold while they bring their staffing levels back up. We will resume this project towards the end of September.

6/24/2013: We are working with campus testers to finalize the e-form prior to the internal Administrative Affairs roll-out in July.

5/30/2013: The new travel form will be going live internally with Administrative Affairs in July 2013 before rolling out to the rest of the campus in early Fall.

4/23/2013: Due to upcoming changes in University travel policy, this project is now on hold. Updates will be provided as we get more information.

3/26/2013: The e-form for Travel Authorizations is still in progress, and the Business Services team continues to test the workflow. We are working through some policy decisions with the Vice Presidents to determine the proper approval path. With agreement from the team and project sponsor, the decision has been made to change the go-live date to 4/25/13 pending agreement from the Vice Presidents.

2/25/2013: TheTravel team is currently testing both the e-forms and the workflow. They are also preparing communications and instructions for the campus in preparation for the March go-live.

1/28/2013: The e-form for Travel Authorizations is still in progress, and the Business Services team continues to test the workflow. With agreement from the project sponsor, the decision has been made to change the go-live date to 3/28/13. Demonstrations, training, and information will be available to campus in March,

12/21/2012: Business Services staff are testing their workflow internally and will continue testing through January. We are finalizing the e-form that will be used to submit travel authorization requests. Demonstrations, training, and information will be available to campus in February, and the new Travel Authorization workflow is scheduled to go live 2/20/13.

11/27/2012: The Nolij programmers have demonstrated the workflow to a limited group of Business Services staff, and an additional demonstration is planned for the rest of the staff. We are still working on the e-form portion of the project; while that process is being completed, the team will begin testing, training and finalizing plans for moving the workflow into production. Campus-wide demonstrations will be conducted once the entire process is finalized.

10/30/2012: The Travel team is still working on building the workflow in Nolij. A demonstration will be conducted for the team during the next few weeks.

9/24/2012: The Travel team is finalizing their efficiency goals. We have completed our workflow planning and begun building the workflow in Nolij. Workflow building and forms planning will continue over the next few weeks.

8/27/2012: Workflow planning will begin next week when Nolij consultants are on site. The remainder of the project timeline will be established during the next few weeks.

8/6/2012: Work has begun on defining roles and document types, and we will build out the initial Nolij environment this month. Nolij consultants will be onsite at the beginning of September to begin documenting existing and future processes and start building the workflow.

5/8/2012: Project approved and scheduled to start 7/16/12 if Nolij consultants can assist with the project. Otherwise, resource constraints will push the project start date out to January 2013.

Project Documents
07-16-12 to 04-29-16

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